The Climate Justice Coalition is a coalition of South African trade unions, grassroots, community-based and non-profit organisations

Our aim is to pursue a transformative climate justice agenda that advances social, economic, and environmental justice for all, especially communities living at the intersections of multiple oppression and injustice.

Who We Are

The Climate Justice Coalition (CJC) is a South African coalition of trade unions, civil society, grassroots, and community-based organisations. Together we are taking on the climate crisis by advancing a transformative climate justice agenda, which works to overcome the deep inequality, poverty and multiple injustices that South Africa faces.

How We Work

As a coalition, we aim to advance the struggle for climate justice using a combination of movement building, education, sustained organising, campaigning, advocacy and litigation. As a national coalition, we meet via Zoom to connect across the country, but we also organise workshops, in-person meetings, protests and more.

Our Campaigns

CJC In The Media

The resilient community of Mmaditlhokwa and the dedicated MACUA members in Marikana have taken a bold step to protect their homes and environment!

In response to the negative impacts caused by the blasting operations of Tharisa mine, they have decided to close a road between…

📣It’s time for Africa to claim the narrative – Join us for the second session of Africa’s Youth Voices 2024!

❓In the second session, we’ll be discussing the question: What does our just future look like?

🔗 Register:

HotSpot Climate Series, in partnership with @SunshineCinema and the @CJCoalition, is hosting workshops and screenings of #TemperatureRising.

Check out this powerful snippet from our Khayelitsha workshop on May 18th.


Youth Affected Communities United in Action (YAMUA) Klarent MNS is stationed at GateWay Church and providing bottled water and fruits to voters.

This is to raise awareness of the water issue the community is facing and the importance of having clean water. Voters are required…

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